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Dalaman Airport 

Dalaman Airport General Information

Dalaman Airport located in south west region of Turkey. Airports name Dalaman came from the town where it is located. Dalaman town has a central location in all the region. Town it self doesn't have much touristical charming but it is connected and close to nearly all important touristic destinations in south west. Closest destinations are less than 20 minutes driving; Sarıgerme, Dalyan, Göcek. İf you are fine with driving 40 to 60 minutes destinations are Gökova, Akyaka, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Fethiye Hisaronu. Dalaman airports biggest destinations are Marmaris and Fethiye regions. 

Dalaman Airport is located in Dalaman town south of Muğla city in Turkey. Old terminal is open since 1981 for domestic and international flghts. Dalaman airport is 6 kilometres south of Dalaman town centre and transportation services by Havas, Muttaş, and Airport taxis. Airport is open for air traffic for 24 hours a day. Dalaman Airport capacity is 10,000,000 passengers for a year.

Where is Dalaman Airport?

Dalaman Airport is in South West of Turkey. Location is very close to many touristic destinations and summer beach resorts. The resorts around Dalaman Airport are very popular both for local and international tourists.

How is Climate in Dalaman Airport Area?

Climate and Whether for Dalaman Airport and area resorts:

•             Dalaman is in  Turkey’s south. Dalaman region has  Mediterranean climate type that is  hot, sunny summers and cool rainy and some time biright sun shinning  winters.

•             Dalaman region is very suitable for different types of holidays all year around. Secont half of decembre till and of february is the coldest period.  In this two mounths peiod it will be raining most of the time.

•             March and beginning april is still a bit cold for swimming.  Secont half of april, may and june is temperature is worm and it is very good time to travel around and see the beauties of the region.

•             July and August is over 35 degres temperature beach and pool will be fun at this time of the year.

•             There are so many beach resorts nearby Dalaman such as Sarıgerme, Dalyan, Fethiye, Fethiye Hisarönü, Ölüdeniz, Çalış Beach, Marmaris, İçmeler, Long Beach Uzunyalı, Marmaris Hisarönü, Gökova, Akyaka, Turunç, Selimiye, Bozburun, Orhaniye, Datça, Datça Palamutbükü, Patara, Kaş, Kalkan. This carming towns are taking a lot of visitors from all over the world.

Summer in Dalaman Region (June July August)

•             Expecially for young souls it is really recommended to visit Dalaman Region during the summer period.

•             Day time is quite long and sun will set after 20:00 so you will have a lot of time for day time beach activities.

•             Evenings will be quite hot too. İf you are a party person Fethiye or Marmaris will be a good resort for you.

•             Both in Marmaris and Fetiye there is a popular night life.

•             Selimiye, Kaş, Kalkan,Datça is recommended if you want to be in a lovely and easy going ambiance. Nights in this regions are relaxing. 


Dalaman Airport Important Information

There are 12 units visa counters in Dalaman Airport Arrivals.

İf you want to buy Duty free shops are available

İf your luggage is lost you need to get your report before you left the airport.

Lost luggage cases after you fill the form airport stuff will give you a phone number for you to call and check when you arrive in your airport.

Dalaman airport meeting desks are just ourside next to parking area.

İf you can not see your transfer companies desk they might bee waiting for you in the parking area.

Dalaman airport parking cafeteria is open 24 hours for service. Because of Airport policies drinks can be expensive so we recommend you to ask the price before you order.

You can buy non alcoholic drinks in your vehicle so please ask driver.


Dalaman airport website:    http://www.atmairport.aero/Dalaman_en/index.php


How Far Is Dalaman Airport From The Resorts?                                                                                                                 

Dalaman Airport to Fethiye Transfers

 Around 50 km. You can reach Ferthiye Town centre, Hisaronu, Calis Beach, Ovacik regions of fethiye around 50 to 60 minutes driving. İf you are travelling to Oludeniz than it should be around 70 minutes. You can book private transfer from Dalaman airport to Fethiye. Dalaman Airport to Fethiye Shuttle Transfers

Dalaman Airport To Dalyan Transfers

Dalyan is around 35 km and it is around 40 minutes driving from Dalman Airport. You can book private transfer or airport shuttle transfer  from Dalaman airport to Dalyan. Dalaman airport to Dalyan Shuttle Transfers


Dalaman Airport to Göcek

Göcek is around 20 km and it is around 20 minutes driving from Dalman Airport. You can book private transfer or airport shuttle transfer  from Dalaman airport to Göcek.


Dalaman Airport to Sarıgerme

Sarıgerme is around 15 to 20 minutes driving and Airport to Dalyan is 25 to 35 minutes driving. You can book private transfer  or airport shuttle transfer from Dalaman airport to Sarıgerme



Dalaman Airport to Kas

Kaş is around  146 km. And it takes 155 to 170 minutes depending on what part of town you want to go. You can book private transfer  or airport shuttle transfer from Dalaman airport to Kaş.



Dalaman Airport to Kalkan

Kalkan is 120 km. You will be in town after 135 minutes of driving. You can book private transfer or airport shuttle transfer  from Dalaman airport to Kalkan



How Can You Reach To Resorts From Dalaman Airport?      

We recommend you to book shuttle, speedy shuttle or a private transfer before you arrive Dalaman Airport.İf you didn't book a transfer before your arrival, we recommend you to take a yellow taxi.


İf you arrive Dalaman Airport with a charter flyt and you do not have booking for your transfer, the only way from the airport is yellow taxis. As an airport policy Dalaman airport doesnt let any company to sell shuttle or private transfers at welcome desks of Dalaman Airport. There is one local goverment company allowed to sell transfers next to their shuttle busses but you may wait in the airport arrond 2 - 3 hours if you can not cath the service

For shuttle services if company you book transfer is using a big coach for their transfers, you need to wait for other passangers to reach in to the vehicle. İf you go out early you can wait up to 60 minutes before your coach go out from the airport. We recommend you to chose shuttle transfer with minibus.

You may find online shuttle and speedy shuttle transfer offers to following destinations from Dalaman airport; Marmaris, İcmeler, Turunc, Hisaronu, Fethiye, Gocek, Oludeniz, Ovacik, Kas, Kalkan, Dalyan, Sarigerme...

For the resorts further than 90 minutes driving you may stop for 15 minutes refreshment stop. 




what are the Most populer resors from Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport to Marmaris



  • Marmaris is a populer beach resort 100 minutes driving from Dalaman Airport. British, Russian, Scandanavian, Dutch, and some local tourist populations are quiet high during the summer season. Sun, sea, beach and natural beauty of the pine forests...Marmaris night life is crowded, shopping in Netsel-Marina, Mall-Marine, Post-Office Street. Marmaris and Dalaman area has a special type of tree only living in the region Liquid Ambar Oriantalis     To see travell tips of Marmaris, read more...  

Dalaman Airport to Fethiye 

Fethiye is a relax beach resort 50 -60 minutes driving from Dalaman Airport. British, Scandanavian, Dutch, and some local tourist populations are quiet high during the summer season. Sun, sea, beach, paragliding, rafting and natural beauty of Babadag and Oludeniz hights ...

Dalaman Airport to Dalyan

Dalyan is a very close beach resort 25 - 35  minutes driving from Dalaman Airport. British, Scandanavian, Dutch, and some local tourist populations are quiet high during the summer season. Expecially for daily visits for Mud-Bath, Dalyan Rİver Channels, Turtles, Sun, Sea, Beach. You can visit Dalyan by daily excursions, İf you are staying neighbour towns. Read more...

Dalaman Airport to Antalya Region

Antalya is a very big beach resort city  200  minutes driving from Dalaman Airport. British, Scandanavian, Dutch, and some local tourist populations are quiet high during the summer season. Antalya has so many diffrent beaches and resorts near by. İf you want to go Kaş, Kalkan or Patara areas Dalaman airport is the airport you will fly. Here we have some more information and a list of our transfer points From Dalaman airport to Antalya Region. Read more...





Dalaman Airport Map:

Pictures around dalaman airport area and dalaman destinations



Here we have some photograps from close destinatios of Dalaman.

  • Karetta Karetta is a Turtle living in Dalyan Area. There is a special beach they visit in the egg season. They leave the turtle eggs in Iztuzu Beach. They travell oceans to reach this special region.
  • Pamukkale is a very special area and historical city. Travertains are worth to sea. You can feel you are in a diffrent planet when you see them.
  • Old Library of anchient Efessos. Giant historical city, Saint Jhon church and Virgin Marry's House, Cave of the Seven Sleepers is also in Efessos.

questios about dalaman airport transfers

1. what destinatios are connected with Dalaman Airport?

1. Marmaris, İçmeler, Turunç, Armutalan, Beldibi, Hisarönü, Akyaka, Dalyan, Sarıgerme, Göcek, Ferhiye, Çalış, Ölüdeniz, Kaş, Kalkan.

2. how do i book my airport transfer from dalaman airport to connected destinations?

2 Just go to our booking form and fill the form. You will see diffrent options of transfers

3. What typ of airport transfer i can arrange from Dalaman airport?

3. 1 to 3 passangers private transfer, 1 to 4 passangers private transfers,  1 to 6 passangers private transfers, 1 to 12 passangers private transfers, 1 to 14 passangers private transfers, 1 to 18 passangers private transfers, 1 to 25 passangers private transfers, 1 to 44 passangers private transfers, you can also book shuttle transfer or speedy shuttle transfer from Dalaman airport to many destinations.

4. what is dalaman airport shuttle transfer?

4. Dalaman Airport Shuttle Transfer is one of our service type. Mavisel Dalaman Airport Shuttle services are providing you low cost  shuttle services from Dalaman airport to connected destinations. İf you book a Dalaman Airport Shuttle service by Mavisel Transfers you will be having a shared shuttle transportation service.

5. what is speedy shuttle service?

5. Speedy shuttle service is a typ of airport shared shuttle service. İf you book a shared speedy shuttle service, your vehicle will have maximum 4 hotel stops.

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